Saturday, March 12, 2011

Reset Password of Windows with Reset Windows Password

This post is just another effort, it is all about how to crack Windows password?
Reset Windows Password is one of the best professional programs to do the following, with this utility you can reset, crack or recover passwords for all types of user accounts windows.

This utility supports almost all versions of Windows, including the new Windows, it works with local and domain accounts and instantly cracks passwords for the accounts.

‘Tweet Viewer’ Worm Spreads on Twitter

Story of computer worms and online worms continues. Now what? Here is another worm spreading on world’s number one micro-blogging website Twitter. The name of the worm is ‘Tweet Viewer’ which actually is a worm to destroy your personal information. The tweet from the spammers looks like the following screenshot. Basically this worm tells you who visited your twitter profile. In actual it is a spam.
This spam activity is spreading like more than 150 tweets per minute. If you are a victim of this worm then you need to disable it as soon as possible. Meanwhile you guys are advised to stay away from the tweet mentioned in the above screenshot.

Secure Yourself from Hackers & Hijackers

Hackers and Browser Hijacking is one area of the Net that affects everyone at some stage.

In addition to having third party utilities such as SpyBot, Anti Virus scanners and firewalls installed there are some changes that can be made to Windows 2000/XP. Below are some details to make your system safer from hackers and hijackers.

Some of these tips require editing of the Registry so it is wise to either backup the registry and/or create a Restore Point.

Orkut Tips and Tricks and Hacking Scraps.

Hi friends! Everybody keeps asking me about proxies for ORKUT. So here you go....

Orkut as everyone knows is the top most Social Networking Place, where friends meet, Business person's carry business deals & Share Information. So, I take a step ahead and present some Orkut Tips and Orkut & Scraps Tricks that will easy the use of Orkut.

Now make a difference. Below are some Orkut Tricks that work fine for every one, and each peace of code is tested. Kindly contact me through contact link at the left side on this page if there is any broken link or If you want to suggest your own Orkut Hacking tips or Tricks.