1) Whenever you enter the class room, your sight always falls on me because:

(a) Of love
(b) You couldn't control seeing me
(c) Really ... am I doing it?


2) Whenever professor cracks joke, you laugh and turn and look at me because:

(a) You always like to see me smiling
(b) You are testing whether I like jokes
(c) You are attracted by my smile


3) When you were singing in the class, I entered and immediately you stopped singing because:

(a) You are so coy to sing before me
(b) My presence influenced you
(c) You feared that whether I'll like your song


4) When you were showing your childhood photo, when I asked for it, you hide it because:

(a) You felt ashamed
(b) You felt uneasy
(c) You don't know


5) During trekking, myself and my friend gave you hand for lifting you and you took only my friend's because:

(a) You enjoyed my disappointment
(b) You won't feel leaving my hand after grabbing
(c) You don't know


6) You were waiting yesterday for bus and didn't get into your bus...

(a) You were waiting for me
(b) You were dreaming about me and didn't notice the bus
(c) That bus was crowded


7) You introduced me to your parents when they came to college because:

(a) I am going to be your groom
(b) You just want to know what your parents think about me
(c) Just you felt like introducing me to them


8) I told that I like girls wearing roses. Next day, you came with a rose on your head because:

(a) To fulfill my wish
(b) You like roses
(c) By chance you got a rose


9) On that day, it was my birthday. You too came to temple early at 6:00 A.M because:

(a) You want to pray along with me
(b) You want to meet me before any one could meet on my birthday
(c) You want to wish me at temple because you are spiritual.


If you have scored more than 40, then you love me. Don't delay in expressing it.

If you have scored between 30 and 40, love is budding in your heart and it's getting ready to bloom. If you have scored less than 30, you are in confusion whether to love me or not.

Eagerly awaiting your reply...

Love, Aakash

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amya's reply letter was also in Q/A format.........


Please answer the following Yes/No questionnaire.


1) If somebody sits in the first row, normally people entering the class, sees them.

(a) Yes (b) No


2) If a girl laughs and looks anyone, is it love?

(a) Yes (b) No


3) While singing, if somebody forgets lines of the songs, will he/she stop singing or not?

(a) Yes (b) No


4) I was showing to my friends (who are all girls) my childhood photo.

You poked your nose inside..... Right?

(a) Yes (b) No


5) I avoided holding your hand during trekking. Couldn't you understand yet?

(a) Yes (b) No


6) Should I not wait for my best friend (Anjali) at the bus stand?

(a)Yes (b) No


7) Shouldn't I introduce you to my parents as a friend?

(a) Yes (b) No


8) You have said you also like Lotus, cauliflower, banana's flower. Is it true ?

(a) Yes (b) No


9) Oh was that your birthday. That's why I could see you in temple. I come daily to Temple. Do you know ?

(a) Yes (b) No

If you have answered "Yes" to any of the question, then I am not loving you. If you have answered "No", then you don't know the meaning of Love.

Hope everything is clear to you.  

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Why wedding ring should put on the fourth finger??

Thumb represents parents
Second finger represents brothers & sisters
Center finger represents own self
Fourth finger represents your partner
Last finger represents your children
Really interesting

Why wedding ring should put on the fourth finger??
Pls follow the below step, really god made this a miracle (this is from a Chinese excerpt)

Firstly, show your palm, center finger bend and put together back to back
Secondly, the rest 4 fingers tips to tips
Games begin, follow the below arrangement, 5 finger but only 1 pair can split.

Try to open your thumb, the thumb represents parents, it can be open because all human does go thru sick and dead. Which are our parents will leave us one day
Please close up your thumb, then open your second finger, the finger represent brothers and sisters, they do have their own family which is too they will leave us too
Now close up your second finger, open up your little finger, this represent your children. Sooner or later they too will leave us for they got they own living to live
Nevertheless, close up your little finger, try to open your fourth finger which we put our wedding ring; you will be surprise to find that it cannot be open at all. Because it represent husband and wife, this whole life you will be attach to each other

Real love will stick together ever and forever. . . !

The Dalai Lama said read it to see if it works for

Very interesting. Just 4 questions and the answers
will surprise you.
not cheat by looking up the answers. The mind is
like a parachute, it
works best when it is opened. This is fun to do,
but you have to
follow the
instructions very closely.. Do not cheat.

A Warning! Answer the questions as you go along.

There are only three questions and if you see them
all before
you will not have honest results. Go down slowly
and do each exercise
as you
scroll down. Don't look ahead. Get pencil and
paper to write your
answers as you go along. You will need it at the
end. This is an
questionnaire which will tell you a lot about your
true self. Give an
answer for each item.

Put the following 5 animals in the order of your
preference. Cow Tiger
Sheep Horse Pig

Write one word that describes each one of the






Think of someone (who also knows you and is
important to you) that you
can relate them to the following colours (do not
repeat your answer
Name just one person for each colour.) Yellow
Orange Red White Green

Finished? Please be sure that your answers are
what you REALLY WANT.

Look at the interpretations below:

This will define your priorities in your life.

Cow Signifies CAREER

Tiger Signifies PRIDE

Sheep Signifies LOVE

Horse Signifies FAMILY

Pig Signifies MONEY

Your description of dog implies your own
Your description of cat implies the personality of
your partner. Your
description of rat implies the personality of your
enemies. Your
description of coffee is how you interpret sex.
Your description of
sea implies your own life.

Yellow: Someone you will never forget

Orange: Someone you consider your true friend

Red: Someone that you really love

White: Your twin soul

Green: Someone that you will remember for the rest
of your life