Monday, April 11, 2011

Know Not I !

Hey guys! Today I am in a very light mood, and for the first time, sharing a part of my life with you... This is my first poem that I composed when I was in 7th Grade... It still means a lot to me..., hope you like it... :)

                                     Know not I !
 What is you? What is I?
   Know not you , Know not I !
  Dreams come, Dreams go,
  Life stops, Death says no !

 Love being a Guidance, 
 In this false life.
 Truth being the cause,
 Leaving many yo die...!

 Life goes on, until death awaits,
 Twists and turns in it are like sunrise and sunset. 
 Happiness coming along with cries, fear and pain,
 Giving their calls to ears that lie Dead! 

 What is happiness, What is pain?
 Is it some joy, or a deep strain...
 Someone smiles, Someone cries
 What is the reason, Know not I !

 The soul inside Slumbers, Cries in vain...
 Asks for freedom from such strain,
 The innocence inside, killed by the rude,
 The air outside, Ruins my mood...

 I want to feel, the nature of lord,
 I want to feel, the sky above hold.
 I want to know, What truth is like,
 I want to know, Why people smile... :)

 Why is this world so fast, Why is time not spare...?
  To look inside ones Soul and know thyself...
  Why do people fight, Why do  they deny?
  Do you know the reason.... KNOW NOT I !


  1. A little all over, but its okay.

  2. that's actually quite good for 7th grade. :)

  3. Great work! I love the blog style!

  4. That's actually pretty good, you should make more 8D

  5. That was really impressive for a 7th grader! You should write more poems :D

  6. great poem, you where very talented, I hope you didn't stopped writing.

  7. Nice work for a 7th grade poem!

  8. I hope you still write, it's very good

  9. really deep for 7th grade work

  10. This is a pretty awsome poem! I would like to read more from you

  11. The puns made some sense to me, and you were a pretty good writer in 7th grade

  12. Thanks! I still do write sometimes... I was feeling kinda alone the day I wrote this one. I actually wrote it at school, during mah chemistry class. We had such a boring teacher...!

  13. Great work! I love the blog style!



  14. wow.!!!! kya baat h. very nice n touching, really.