Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hack Windows using LINUX...!

Friends on net I found out that many of you are asking for hacking windows using Linux or other operating systems.

So here i have searched and found the trick which allows you to hack the admin password of windows using linux.

Firstly,Windows is installed on you computer and then you need a live CD of linux,here we will use a live CD of UBHUNTU.

Boot from the Live CD and perform the 7 easy step to hack the windows Admin password.

1: Install a program called chntpw
Command is: $ sudo apt-get install chntpw

The rpm pakage installed is the packege to change password.
2: After successfully installing chntpw, you have to access the Windows NTFS partition by mounting it and allowing read/write support.
Use Mount system Call.

3: After that, navigate to WINDOWS/system32/config

use cd command to navigate.

4: Once inside the config directory, issue this command:

$ sudo chntpw SAM

Command to reset admin password.

As you are in Linux the security of windows is bypassed and the password can be changed easily.

5: A long display of information will follow.

Just ignore them.

6: Once you are prompted to reset the password, it is recommended to leave the password blank with an asterisk (*).

7: Reboot, with windows and you can now login to Windows with full administrative access.

The trick display here is for educational purpose only.

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