Saturday, March 12, 2011

Orkut Tips and Tricks and Hacking Scraps.

Hi friends! Everybody keeps asking me about proxies for ORKUT. So here you go....

Orkut as everyone knows is the top most Social Networking Place, where friends meet, Business person's carry business deals & Share Information. So, I take a step ahead and present some Orkut Tips and Orkut & Scraps Tricks that will easy the use of Orkut.

Now make a difference. Below are some Orkut Tricks that work fine for every one, and each peace of code is tested. Kindly contact me through contact link at the left side on this page if there is any broken link or If you want to suggest your own Orkut Hacking tips or Tricks.

Here are some proxy website links using which you can browse not only orkut but many other sites. Proxy sites are the websites, that hide your web identity from other websites. Mainly Ip address is Hidden

Open the above sites and just type in in companies or colleges where its blocked n enjoy.


  1. hey!!! thnx for precious information... i now i can access the orkut from my office also, earlier i was unable to access orkut from my office because orkut is block in my office now i can access :)
    thnx for ur valuable post ;)
    keep posting these types of tricks, theses are beneficial for us.