Saturday, May 28, 2011

Google Whipped by Microsoft...! Pretty hard ;P

 Okay! Now I know I haven't posted for a while but I have a very good reason for that. I had my end semester exams going on... But now that they are over, I am back to you my friends... Here is something for you, believe me, I did a lot of work on this post...

Looks like Microsoft is really gonna be damn hard on Google this year. When Microsoft welcomed Google’s CEO Larry page as he assumed his new job, I don’t think it could have done any better on mocking…

First this software giant presented Office 365 beta, which proved to be far much better than any of the single aspects of Google’s Google Applications.  And now the news says that Microsoft has announced that it has bought Skype for $8.5 billion. What a smack on Google’s face. Page and Google could never look weaker. Looks like the IT world is spinning fast and Google seems to lack the run. Google is already far behind Microsoft in some of the most important areas as considered in the Information Technology world…

Microsoft now, can embed Skype with Office 365, adding audio and video calling features to Outlook and Web mail products. Now, even though Gmail has this audio/video calling feature attached to it, it really hasn’t gained much momentum, while Skype on the other hand, has maintained a large database of over 170 million satisfied users, and has a devilishly huge advantage over Google… Looks like the new emperor is on its way to claim its throne in the IT kingdom...

As soon as this deal is closed Microsoft will enjoy the immediate presence of over tens of millions of smart phones that now have Skype Mobile, which even works at 3G speeds now.  And remember, this presence will also include Android Phone, which till now had been a part of Google’s pride…  Skype Mobile is like an entrance door to Android phones for Microsoft Office.  

Besides this, Microsoft also being a part owner of Facebook, can now drill Skype into the world’s largest social network. Imagine Facebook with Voice and video calling… It would become like a million times more powerful.  What a tragedy would it be for Google to watch this Microsoft-Skype duo turn into the world’s most powerful trio with Facebook…!!!  And here is another good news for Microsoft, it can now even integrate its Bing search engine into Skype on not only desktop but also smart phones. Which simply means “ There goes Google’s secret hot sauce…” as Bing with Skype is now going to be in front of all those millions of users that would otherwise use Google as default…

I must say, I am really impressed by Microsoft right now. Who could think Microsoft is gonna hit that many scores with a single arrow…. Now this is what I call an awesome twist in the real Game… I bet Microsoft is getting more than the $8.5 million it invested after all it is a totally worthy investment. Google better have some devastating backup or else this is going to be really really hard on Google… Well done Microsoft… I do have my sympathy towards Google too though….


  1. I'm sure another anti-trust lawsuit is in the pipeline for Microsoft.

  2. yay for microsoft, I´v always been a fan!

  3. microsoft hard on google?
    google is gonna get creamed!


  4. im not sure how I feel about the purchase. I liked how skype was free, knowing microsoft they will force you to pay using some kind of stupid income like microsoft points. and i hate how every time something new comes along some large company buys it out, it doesn't allow for innovation. but whatever. could be good.

  5. wow holy shit, i didnt know they were part owner of facebook but it makes fuckin sense to why they are so damn huge. logical. and facebook meets, office 365 meets skype. holy fuck batman, talk about powerhouse.
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  6. i always use skype. its awesome

  7. Lol microsoft is too beast!!!